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Ethically Sourced Arabica Beans

All of our Arabica beans come from small holder farms we’ve been to. We meet the farmers, inspect the quality of their coffee gardens and work with them to achieve quality cherries. We always ensure our farmers are paid fair prices.

Locally Roasted Coffee

Roasting green coffee beans transforms their properties into the light, medium, or dark coffee beans you know of. We’re proud of our technique, which ensures we always provide you with quality coffee.

Quality In Each Cup

The quality is in the details. A coffee is sour if the brewing temperature was low, or if the cherry over ripened before harvesting. We love coffee and we’re invested every step of the way.

Discover Our Story

From our green bean to our roasted coffees, our products and services cover the entire spectrum of the specialty coffee value chain giving our customers the ideal opportunity to benefit from the journey made by the beans. Full traceability of our coffees helps us ensure that our farmers are well compensated for their tremendous efforts.

Our Beverages

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20 – 21 Martyrs Crescent,
Ntinda, Kampala – Uganda

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